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About Us and Our Mission

The Company believes and strives to support people with a learning disability to achieve the following;


  • In the things that they do and who they do it with
  • In where they live and who they live with
  • Through being fully involved in decisions which affect their life


  • To take part in the activities of, and within the community they live in, to break down barriers which prevent access and inclusion
  • To take up education and support which will enable them to meet their needs and achieve their potential


  • As individuals, to have their thoughts, fears and wishes listened to and not dismissed
  • For what they can do and for the contribution they make
  • To have their rights met and to challenge discrimination and abuse


  • Use of advocates to ensure inclusion in services such as banking, benefits, health services etc.
  • Using volunteers and/or advocates for inclusion in social activities
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The History 

The organisation was formed on October 14th 1970 under the Chairmanship of Peter Cree. It was then called Grantham & District Society for Mentally Handicapped Children (at a later date “and Adults” was added to include all people with a learning disability). 
The new Society had three main aims, to provide: 
 - Leisure Facilities 
 - Day Cay Care Service 
 - Residential Care 
The organisation was registered as a Charity and began fundraising immediately as no statutory funding was available. 
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If you are interested in subscribing to our £5.00 per year membership, please fill out your details and we'll contact you with more information.

Subcribing to Grantham Mencap Charity not only allows us to expand on our activities and support but you'll be kept up to date with all of our latest news.

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Trustees & Subcommitties


President - Elizabeth Kendall 
Chairperson - Judith Burnett 
Company Secretary - PeterFlood 
Finance Manager - Brian John Beecham 
Company Management Committee 
  • Meets quarterly with an Annual General meeting in June with extra-ordinary meetings called if required              
  • Responsible for all aspects of the Company’s business
  • Sub-Committees report to the Management Committee
  • Service Development and Quality Assurance Sub-Committees report to the Management Committee
 Management Meetings 
  • Meets regularly to discuss issues arising from day to day management
  • Information passed on to Staff and Carers within the Organisation
 Quality Assurance Subcommittee 
  • Meets regularly to review policies, receive reports from residents / members meetings, staff and carers.
  • Monitor and audit services
  • Review transport issues
  • Monitor buildings, furniture and fittings       
 Policy Formatting Group 
  • Meets regularly to ensure that all policies and procedures comply with legislation and care standards.
  • Policy Formatting Group reports to Quality Assurance Sub-Committee
 Finance Subcommittee 
  • Meets regularly to review budgets and monitor Income &
Service Development Committee 
  • Reviews, extends and changes services as required.